Trial Observations

Fair trials are fundamental for justice and the rule of law. Working with our partners, BHRC sends impartial observers to countries around the world to ensure the right to a fair trial through the impartial administration of justice. The aim of trial observation is to report independently on the adherence of hearings to international fair trial standards. Our trial reports are widely circulated and have been referenced in court proceedings.

BHRC regularly identifies legal proceedings where defendants’ fair trial rights or the rule of law are under threat. We send international law experts around the world to monitor these proceedings and report back on violations of the prosecuting country’s international human rights obligations.

International Advocacy

Public statements and letters of concern are an important means of holding governments to account, highlighting specific legal concerns and drawing international attention on alleged violations.

BHRC publishes widely-shared Statements on a broad range of human rights issues and alleged abuses, often in collaboration with international partners. We harness international opinion, legal expertise and media reach to highlight under-reported human rights violations, bringing them to wider attention, building consensus and evidence, and pushing forward the argument for meaningful remedies.

 BHRC issues formal letters of concern in relation to human rights concerns, addressed to those in positions of authority. In doing so, we aim to demonstrate to state authorities that international attention is focused on their actions, enable dialogue to take place between BHRC and relevant officials (or other individuals), and build pressure for cases to be reviewed and any violations curtailed.

Amicus curiae briefs

BHRC intervenes in cases around the world, providing expertise on international human rights law to prevent individual injustices and strengthen broader protections in cases where legal precedents could be set.

The resource-intensive nature of preparing amicus to a high standard means that BHRC seeks to intervene only in the gravest cases of suspected violations of a defendant’s fair trial rights. In most cases, this involves those facing the death penalty. BHRC condemns the death penalty as a means of punishment, but also is concerned with the flawed circumstances in which it often is applied.

Reports and submissions

The Bar Human Rights Committee regularly produces in-depth reports on global human rights issues. We provide expert analysis of ongoing or historic human rights abuses and situations of concern, connecting detailed in-country research to our expertise on matters of international law.

Training and events

BHRC furthers interest in and knowledge of human rights primarily through training and events. In addition to holding its own events, BHRC is asked to lend its expertise to other public events around the world.

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We rely on membership subscriptions and individual donations to fund our ongoing work around the world.

[email protected] Committee on Legal Affairs Parliamentary Assembly Report by @PieterOmtzigt elaborates in detail "Other Avenues for Accountability: The Question of State Responsibility for Genocide". YJC's report on State Responsibility & Yazidi Genocide found here:

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