BHRC has trained more than 300 Judges, magistrates, social workers and National Judicial Institute trainers across all States in Nigeria in 2016 and, since 2013, at least 500 lawyers, social workers, Judges, Magistrates, National Human Rights Commission, NGOs, government lawyers.

In 2016, BHRC developed and conducted 6 trainings on child rights for judges, magistrates and social workers in Nigeria in partnership with Coram Children’s Legal Centre. BHRC trained and selected the trainers from the National Judicial Institute (who train the Judges). This included a session where a test was set for all applicants from the National Judicial Institute.

Nigeria has since seen its first successful prosecution for rape of a child  completed in one State in Nigeria and the creation of the first family court  in Cross Rivers State.

In July 2016, BHRC hosted an event with Coram and Nigerian Lawyers, entitled “Rebuilding the Cradle” – an exploration of Child Rights in Nigeria.”

This year, BHRC Chair Kirsty Brimelow QC attended the Nigerian Bar Conference in August 2017 to discuss developing further training programs and  spoke with CNBC Africa on Institution Building.



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