The Public Interest Casework Support  Project, established in 2011, provides pro bono casework support and assistance for lawyers and human rights organisations in Malawi and Tanzania 

The PICS Project aims to enhance the effectiveness of local lawyers through litigation and promote strong human rights precedents in the national and regional courts. UK-based barristers provided advice on case preparation, identify relevant case authorities and precedents from relevant jurisdictions, assist with drafting and amending of submissions, undertaking research and providing legal opinions on human rights and public interest cases under consideration or being litigated.

How can I request assistance?

If you are a practitioner or work for a human rights organisation in Malawi or Tanzania and want to refer a case to the BHRC for assistance, please complete the PICS request form. It is important that you include as much details about the case and the assistance required as possible. Please also attach relevant case documents, extracts of applicable legislation, outline of submissions or any other relevant documents, then mail the completed form and documents to [email protected].

If you have questions about the PICS project, please read the FAQs or email us for more information.


We rely on membership subscriptions and individual donations to fund our ongoing work around the world.