In March 2012, BHRC conducted a series of plenary sessions and workshops in Harare and Bulawayo, focusing on human rights monitoring and reporting during the electoral process. 

In partnership with the John Smith Memorial Trust,  BHRC also produced the training manual ‘Tracking Expression: Monitoring, Reporting and Addressing Human Rights Violations During Elections’. Specifically tailored for Zimbabwe, this is a resource which comprehensively covers human rights law in the context of elections.   

The Manual places emphasis on training lawyers in areas of human rights which are requisite to the creation of an environment most conducive to “free and fair” elections; namely, the rights to freedom of expression, information, association and assembly. Throughout the manual, examples are provided in order to demonstrate how international norms have been interpreted in actual cases. There is also a template to facilitate networking for elections monitoring within a country specific context, a resource not previously availble in Zimbabwe.

Download the Training Manual here

Long-Distance case support scheme: BHRC Zimbabwe Portal 

Following the BHRC training delegation carried out in Harare and Bulawayo, BHRC launched a ‘Zimbabwe Portal’. This site was created with the vision to assist lawyers and human rights practitioners in Zimbabwe with a variety of resources, including access to a Long-Distance Support scheme as well as to a comprehensive training manual ‘Observing and Monitoring Elections and Upholding Human Rights during Electoral Process’. This FCO funded project ran from 2011 – 2013. 


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