BHRC welcomes release of Cameroonian protestors

September 1, 2017
London, 1st September 2017 BHRC today welcomes the release from detention in Yaounde of 54 Cameroonians from the South West and North West Anglophone regions. The individuals were on trial for alleged crimes associated with terrorist actions against the State, to which BHRC and other organisations have raised concerns. All charges have been dropped against...

BHRC sends letter of concern to Prime Minister of Cameroon: Charges against members of MBOSCUDA

August 6, 2013
The BHRC writes to Prime Minister of Cameroon, Mr. Philemon YANG, concerning charges that recently have been brought against members of the Mbororo Social and Cultural Development Association (MBOSCUDA), an organisation which promotes the rights of the minority Mbororo pastoralists in Cameroon. MBOSCUDA members are set to be tried by a Military Tribunal. Access the letter here.

Toolkit for Lawyers at Risk

September 22, 2020
This year, BHRC – in a project led by the International Bar Association’s Human Rights Institute (IBAHRI) and in cooperation with its partners Human Rights House Foundation, Lawyers for Lawyers and Lawyers’ Rights Watch Canada – launched a  Toolkit for Lawyers at Risk. The Toolkit on Lawyers at Risk is a unique tool aimed at...