Partners, Funders and Acknowledgements


BHRC is appreciative of the financial support we receive from the Bar Council, which provides for our core funding towards one full-time staff member and trial observation budget.


BHRC is grateful for the support received by ROLE UK, including for its work in Nigeria and its ongoing partnership with the Nigerian Bar Association.

BHRC and Article 19 have worked closely on monitoring trials in Turkey in response to the unprecedented threat against the rights to freedom of expression and fair trials.

BHRC has been a member of EuroMed Rights since 2001, and in 2018 Executive Committee Member Dr Theodora Christou was elected to EuroMed’s Executive Committee for a three-year term.

BHRC and the NBA have signed a memorandum of understanding to further their relationship and to enhance the skills of Nigerian lawyers in the practical application of human rights law in the domestic, regional and international context.


BarTax manages BHRC’s annual accounts on a pro bono basis and provides its payroll services.