The Bar Human Rights Committee relies on membership subscriptions and individual donations to fund our ongoing work around the world.

Why your support matters

BHRC’s core operational costs are covered by a grant from the Bar Council. This means that every penny of your membership subscription directly funds our project work, enabling us to send BHRC lawyers wherever they’re most needed. Your support is vital to the growth of BHRC, and our ongoing work to protect advocates, judges, human rights defenders and vulnerable communities around the world.

Your support enables us to:


Produce statements, letters of concern and amicus curiae briefs in support of people facing unfair trials and imprisonment


Send our Trial Observation Unit to witness and monitor unjust or unfair trials wherever they occur


Provide international training, support and leadership to lawyers, human rights defenders and civil society groups under threat


Lead investigations and publish detailed reports into serious human rights abuses


Lobby governments and other state actors to improve fair trial protections and legal standards

As a member, you will also receive up to date news about BHRC’s work, opportunities to assist with our international projects, statements, publications or other human rights work, and invitations to BHRC events.

How to join

BHRC Membership is open to every practising or non-practising member of the Bar of England and Wales, and all law students (including trainees and pupils) in England and Wales. Payment tiers for BHRC membership are set by the length of time since you were called to the Bar. The minimum amounts requested are:


0 – 5 years since call (includes students, trainees and academics): £25 per year

5 – 10 years since call: £35 per year

10+ years since call: £50 per year


To join the Bar Human Rights Committee or renew your lapsed membership, Please fill out the “expression of interest” form below and a member of our team will come back to you shortly.


If you have any questions or require further assistance please contact us by email at [email protected]




We rely on membership subscriptions and individual donations to fund our ongoing work around the world.

[email protected] Committee on Legal Affairs Parliamentary Assembly Report by @PieterOmtzigt elaborates in detail "Other Avenues for Accountability: The Question of State Responsibility for Genocide". YJC's report on State Responsibility & Yazidi Genocide found here:

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