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The Bar Human Rights Committee of England and Wales (“BHRC”) is pleased to announce the establishment of a new project, led by Advocate to provide urgent assistance to a number of vulnerable individuals in relation to the ongoing situation in Afghanistan.

The project follows discussions between BHRC, senior immigration lawyers and other partners, to coordinate efforts to work with the legal profession to ensure safety for those who were particularly vulnerable, and especially those who have been protecting the rule of law in Afghanistan over the last two decades, often at great personal cost.

BHRC has been particularly concerned for women judges, their families and other members of the legal profession in Afghanistan who were and continue to be in serious danger and highlights the efforts of Baroness Helena Kennedy QC, who is a member of BHRC’s Advisory Board, in her campaign to provide support to judges, lawyers, women’s rights activists, human rights defenders, and their families seeking to resettle from Afghanistan.

We are now inviting members who have immigration expertise and who are willing to provide pro bono casework on Afghan cases to contact Advocate to assist to advise individuals and/or to provide assistance with relevant immigration applications.

Barristers who are not direct access qualified are able to use Advocate’s licence in order to work directly with members of the public. Support for junior barristers is available.  Casework support will also be provided by Advocate and we are working with a number of law firms who may also be able to assist by providing support.

Likewise if you would like to help supervise a junior barrister with this work, please also get in touch.

Finally, if you are aware of individuals who need legal help, we also encourage you also to refer them to Advocate.

BHRC is grateful to Advocate and our partners for taking this work forward at a time when resources are the most stretched. We thank all our members who have been in contact to offer valuable help, expertise, and assistance, and to those who dropped everything to assist where needed. It is evident that the response from individual barristers, organisations and law firms from across the profession has been nothing short of exceptional.

BHRC urges all of our members to volunteer with Advocate should they be in a position to offer help, expertise and assistance.

Please contact Sophie Broke at Advocate in relation to this project in the first instance. Her email address is [email protected]

For further information please contact the office: [email protected].


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