NewsStatements and LettersSeptember 10, 2015

BHRC issues statement of support for the Constitutional Court of Colombia

Following the allegations of corruption levelled against Magistrado Jorge Pretelt, President of the Constitutional Court of Colombia, the Bar Human Rights Committee of England and Wales (BHRC) expresses its support for the institution of the Court.

BHRC supports corruption allegations being properly addressed, in accordance with the rule of law and due process. At the same time, these allegations should not be allowed to obscure the essential role of the Court or the important work that it does in Colombia.

Since its inception in 1991, Colombia’s highest court has been instrumental in enforcing fundamental rights and providing access to justice for Colombians. In a country plagued for decades by a conflict that has had a devastating toll on the civilian population, the Court has offered one of the few tangible avenues for safeguarding the rule of law and protecting human rights. Over the years the Constitutional Court has issued a number of landmark judgments, bravely showcasing its determination to hold the Executive to account.

BHRC is dedicated to promoting principles of justice and respect for fundamental human rights through the rule of law in different parts of the world. BHRC believes that the availability of an effective legal profession and infrastructure is a crucial pre-condition for civil liberties and human rights. It is in this capacity that BHRC supports the role of the Constitutional Court in Colombia. It calls upon the international community to join in its support of this institution.

Read the full statement in English here and in Spanish here

The statement can also be found on the Constitutional Court’s website

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