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Following our first session in the ‘Edge of the Law’ series held on 10 November 2021 on forced labour and modern slavery, the Bar Human Rights Committee of England & Wales (BHRC) and the American Bar Association Rule of Law Initiative (ROLI) are pleased to invite your members to join us for the second session in the series, ‘Sanctions regimes in a rule of law context: possibilities and limitations’, on Wednesday 08 December 2021, at 12 noon UK time (on Zoom). 

This event is the second in a series of four jointly hosted by BHRC and ABA ROLI between November 2021 and February 2022. Titled ‘The Edge of the Law: A regional approach to confronting key legal challenges’, the series addresses forced labour, sanctions, data security, and judicial independence through four virtual dialogues with expert speakers.

The initiative aims to challenge serious human rights concerns in Asia with a focus on international law and the rule of law, contributing to and building regional consensus on human rights and rule of law solutions, and concluding in a series of actionable steps that participants can import into regional law practice and policy-making.

For this second session, we will examine and explore the following questions:

– What are examples of ways that sanctions regimes have been used to push for change?

– Do sanctions have to be at individual level, or do embargoes or trade restrictions work better or worse?

– What are the potential remedies available to individuals who have been targeted by sanctions, and the realistic consequences of those?

Please register on Zoom here. We look forward to welcoming you and encourage you to share this invitation with your valued colleagues and contacts who may benefit from attending.


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